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Cast For BET Comedy Series ‘Bigger’

BET Networks has put the throw to their original comedy series Bigger that was forthcoming. The show wills celebrity Tristen Winger, Angell Conwell, Rasheda Crockett, Chase Anthony and Tanisha Long. Bigger wrapped production this summer. Set from the East Atlanta neighbourhood Bigger, of Little Five Points follows just one black girl who’s currently dealing into a boyfriend and a college acquaintance’s sudden death. The tragedy compels her tough group of buddies to have a look in their own lives Is there anything larger and better? “I’m enthusiastic about bringing this particular cast of some of their very gifted new voices in tv to this excellent new medium,” said Packer.

Tanisha Long plays a unique, Layne Roberts beauty that has been holding back her, both and has found himself in a significant crossroads. Her straight-laced boyfriend Greg (played with Warren Burke) has only suggested, but she is not positive when playing it safe is her fashion, particularly when the handsome and adventuresome Reggie (played by Terrence T. Terrell) is currently quite enthusiastic about her เว็บแทงบอลออนไลน์. Meanwhile, her classic store wants a boost. Layne is optimistic, enjoyable, and optimistic, but always second-guessing herself has begun to be an issue. She’s going to begin taking any risks, for better or much worse. Angell Conwell plays with Veronica Yates that knows how to make heads turn and carries her. Her real-estate company was performing nicely, leaving her in a superb position to function as advice-giver inside her group of friends.

Rasheda Crockett plays with a fun-loving, Tracey Davis, societal networking influencer who would like to become Hollywood -degree famous. She’s always up for a great time so long as she is able to snap an Instagram picture. She’s built up a long time online but is worried her moment in the spotlight may be falling off. Chase Anthony plays with Deon Lewis, a well-groomed and match, packed with a swagger man, who might act frugal but is a very prosperous businessman. Tristen Winger plays with a cutie with a 90s throwback fashion feel, Vince Carpenter. He’s a talented college DJ who can not help but become frustrated with all the younger generation because they encroach in his match. He’s having difficulty letting it all go, but his style is outdated, although he’s got the chops to create it like a DJ.


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